September 26, 2008


September 24, 2008


Lucero was born in Orlando fl. her family is from Mexico put they live in Orlando fl. Her dad is the oner of 2000 construction. Her mom is a chef. she wants to be a animal doctor. she loves working with animals. she has no accomplishments but she will soon.

Data is

September 22, 2008

What is a GUI?
graphical user interface
Is the web always reliable?
yes cuz it is always there
What is an operating system?
a program that works
What does an operating system operate?
i think it operates everything
Are all of the computers on the web connected by wires to every other computer on the web?
i think they are
What is an input device?
the mouse
What is another name for the internet?
world wide web
What do you call the speed at which computers send and receive information?

What are the other two common types of home internet service besides dial-up and optical fiber?
What is the web?
i think its something u use to communicate with people around the world
What is email?
its like sending a letter
Are all email messages secure?
only if u have a strong password
Is the transmission of an email instantaneous?
Can the government see your email?
What is FORTRAN, Perl, Java and Pascal?
How does a computer work? (include the terms: data, application, operating system, GUI and input device


September 19, 2008

Name and explain three cultural influences that spurred the development of computers.
Charles Babbage: he was a good scientist, he made a  computer  that  made a computer that stored information.
John Yon Newman:  he had  photographic memory , he invented a computer that had memory.
Douglas Engelbert: he invented the first mouse

What kind of user interface did early computers (before the CRT) use?


Today, most computers use what interface to give the user information?

the computer screen

create a solution

September 11, 2008

What is the problem?

people with no hands or fingers how can they get on the iternet

What is the cause of the problem?

a computer that is programed to do what the user tellsit to do

How does it affect people?

they cant get on the internet

Which people does it affect?

the people with no hands or fingers

How long has this problem been around?

probably for many years

Who created the problem?

no one

What solutions have been offered?

people with problems such as having no hands or fingers can do normal things like get on the computer

Have other solutions helped or solved the problem other places?

Why do you want to solve this problem?

so people with no hands or fingers can feel better and do normal stuff

September 9, 2008

1.What was your first blog post about?
What i  know about computers
2.What is autobloggreen, slashgear and treehugger? What kind of website are they?
they are web sites about saving the earth
3.What is a blog?
something you use to tell people stuff in the internet
4.What is the one thing that you should do before you send an email when you are mad?
reread what you wrote cuz u could of said bad things
5.Should you use large fonts, colors or ALL CAPITAL LETTERS when you send email? Why?
no cuz it is to distracting and it takes most of your time
6.What do you call email that is sent out to a bunch of people that is just advertising?
7.Do you need to have something in the subject line every time you send an email?
You should always have a subject.
What is the best way to view many websites without opening many windows?
looking at the title bar
What is “”
it is a search engin
10.When are progress reports due to be submitted?
On Friday, September 12th, I will submit progress reports

what can i do to make a little change big.

September 9, 2008

Well i guess i recycle, try  no to  waste water, conserve energy,

instead of driving to school walk to school, and plant trees

i guess little by little i can help by saving  the earth.