Email -Kwizzzzzzzzz

November 24, 2008

1.) should because the person needs to know what the  email just in case they don’t want to read about the thing u send them

2.)shouldn’t b/c  other people can get them and send junk mail

3.)should b/c he is the only person that got the email

4.)shouldn’t b/c ”cc” means carbon copy

5.)shouldn’t b/c that means that yo are the only person that got it

6.) should    so you can let the person know who its from

7.)shouldn’t b/c a lot of people don’t’ like getting those emails

8.)shouldn’t b/c those emails are just to get emails so other o=people can send junk mail

9.)shouldn’t b/c some people don’t care

10.)should b/c some people don’t need to know of their buisnes


Feijoa fruits are ripe

November 21, 2008

this is about how this people that found

some fruit that they call feijoa it is a mix

between a pineapple and a guayava. i dont

think  this will really change only maybe

i  will find new fruits i like i guess that

is th the only thing that will change.

for the world it will bring new fruits .

Monday’s Assignment

November 17, 2008

What is a computer virus?

A Virus is a computer program which attaches itself to a file or an application. A computer virus is not standalone and needs a host file or program to work or replicate.

Why can they do so much damage and cost people so much money?

they can erase important files and other software that your computer and they can even erase all the memory in your computer

What has changed?

November 5, 2008

What has changed and what will change because Barack Obama is going to be the president of the United States?

Well i guess this election made history b/c Barack Obam is the first African American president so that made history. Right know the only thing i think has changed is we have a new president. Well i herd that Barack Obam was going to end the war i think that is good because a lot of people are dieing at war and that is not cool. I also herd he was going to lower taxes and make more jobs that is good b/c a lot of things are getting expensive and there a few jobs.

What will you do differently now and in the next four years?

i guess i will do the same things I’m doing . Unless something happens that i have to change the way i live then i guess i will be doing something different if there is a major change. I guess im going to get a job pretty soon so that is the only change i know of right know.